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is that maintaining businesses that are open at night that offer a venue that deal with the population roaming our streets at night that need place to eat. that is affordable. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> is there any other members of the public that want to address these applications? >> >> no? i guess that he is just taking a phone call. >> so, we have with the commission items 3 items, items, see if i can get them straight, 6 j, 6 k, and 6 l for approval. can we get a motion? >> 6 i. >> i said f. >> 6 i. >> i, k, l. >> it looks like the proposed conditions from sfpd are
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different from northern to southern, i want to make sure that they are all okay with that before we... >> i don't... the applicant said that he did. >> he viewed them and approved them. >> may i ask a question to the chair about do we just get, when do we get these conditions? >> just tonight? >> is there any way that we can get these earlier so that we can review them before the meeting just in the future. i know that i come in like two hours early to review all of this before i come here and it would be really helpful. >> thanks. >> okay. so, three items. a motion? >> well, northern conditions are different from southern'? >> i only got southerns. >> i have no conditions in here. >> me neither. >> my book is lacking guys. >> maybe,...
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>> has the applicants seeing northern conditions or seen southern's conditions. >> i am comparing them. >> they are the same. >> they are the same. >> but you have seen both stations? >> yeah. >> okay. he is good with both. making sure. >> that makes it easy. >> okay. >> okay. >> okay. >> again, how about a motion for the three items for the after hours permits? >> i motion with the police conditions. >> right. >> and we have a request to rename the items. >> yeah. >> okay, this would be a motion on items i have bundled them together that would be item 6 j, no, >> 6 don't confuse me now. 6 j. >> no. 6 i, k, l. >> 6 k, 1500 fillmore. 6 l, that follows k.
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>> and i. >> and i, correct. >> okay. >> i >> ork. >> do we have a motion? >> i motion >> second. >> second. >> commissioner akers >> aye. >> per es. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> lee. >> newlin? >> aye. lee. >> aye. >> that leaves us the two remaining items in the richmond district and does anyone know how richmond stands on this? >> i will be speaking on behalf of officer tobe moore. >> and before you do. let me officially call the
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items they are two separate items. let's go back to 6 e, malik aslam dba jack in the box, 4649 geary, extended hours permit amply indication. application. >> it is located at geary and 11th avenue. this issue, this location came before the commission on january 24th, 2012. and then, after a process that involved a lot of community groups, the supervisor's office, residents, sfpd and the owner of the commission, granted an extended hours and permit with conditions. one condition approved operating hours between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.. but not after 4:00 or before 6:00. now after a year of operation, the operator has returned to ask full permission to operate between 4 and 6.
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operation at those hours will allow the venue to serve breakfast and i will let sfpd and the applicant take it from here. >> thank you. >> welcome. >> good evening commissioners. >> my name is art briden and i am here on behalf of mr. can who is the franchisee. >> the reason that we are requesting the hours is to better serve our clientele, because more and more people, for whatever given reason are eating 24 hours a day. whether it be at subway or jack in the box or mcdonald's or whatever. >> so primary purpose is to help the people that are going really early to work or really late from an event. so our purpose is that. we were here a year ago. we have done everything that you folks or your predecessors asked us to do.
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imyself go to most of the community meetings. i am readily available. i give the citizens that show up at the meetings my home phone number. my business card, and i have talked to most of the commercial establishments, within walking distance of the jack in the box, and i make a clear point, if you have a problem, please call me and we will do what we can to rectify the situation, we hope to be good neighbors, we got to pay the bills. >> our primary purpose is there say market for folks that eat late and early and eat at odd hours and that is their business. and like i said, i would emphasize that i have spoken to everybody that attends the community meetings, i have talked to the captain at the
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richmond, police department, about this possibility of opening longer hours, and we have spoken to this gentleman and there doesn't, and we do the best that we can in the neighborhood. and thank you, and now, i turn it to mr. can. >> do you have any questions? >> have you been in the last year, have you been operating on the extended hours? >> no, sir. well we operate until 4:00 a.m.. >> it just depends on what your definition is. >> have you had problems going to 4:00 >> not that i am aware of. >> yeah. okay. >> are you aware of any. >> there was two incident between our two to four from march 2012 to last friday. minor incident. >> okay. >> what kind of incidents? >> at one boyfriend, girlfriend were arguing and their domestic issues, at the jack in the box and then they came inside arguing and the police was
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called. >> okay. >> sounds... >> any other questions. >> we will hear from the police department now. thank you. >> okay. >> good evening, commissioners, on behalf of san francisco police department. i had spoke to captain fred as well as officer moore and on this state of the extended hours that were granted i believe in the last six months and looking at the cab reports and the calls for service. we found that by them closing at 4:00 a.m. that they had reduced their calls of service in half to approximately about 8 in the last six months. compared to they were averaging 1.4. and we are down to 0.7. we feel that is a huge
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improvement. and the calls for service in those last six months have been a range of anything from a battery, to drunk in public, arguments, loud noise, verbal assaults, broken window. and i have those documented in front of me, the timeds and generally, the eight of those that i looked at were between the hours of two and four a.m.. so, i would say that excuse me, richmond station has done their due diligence on a regular basis and hold the community meetings in which the attorney did attend. they did their community out reach and the comments that have been from the public have been that there is a concern for them to be open to 6:00 a.m.. they feel that it is a quality of life issue. they feel that there is going to be problems like they had in the past when they were opened
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to 6:00 a.m., involving garbage distaur bans in the parking lot. graffiti, and the community and the police department would believe that they are best served to stay open to 4:00 a.m. and not 6:00 a.m. in the morning >> i have a couple of questions here. the drunk in public? >> yes. >> is that using the address of jack in the box for the cad, rather than it emanating from jack in the box since they don't serve booze. >> yes, it was jack in the box and it is address was within 100 feet of that location. i have specific addresses, which their address is 4649 geary boulevard, which many calls for service or at least those 8 calls for service involving fights and assaults fwhae. about the broken window? >> the broken window that was
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4649 geary boulevard. >> is it a car window? >> i don't have the specifics on that. >> thank you. >> i just have some questions. when they were given the permit until 4:00, or 4:00 as discussed. they were security guards at it and better lighting and better control over the premises >> and cameras. >> there was a numerous conditions put upon them. and they complied, and we are very happy with their performance. and we want to continue that relationship. >> do you think that the decrease is also related to better behavior by the jack in the box as well and better security measures? >> i believe, yeah, that is part and partial of it, i would thank them for their cooperation, i think that it is the fact that they had those additional conditions put upon them that the security did a good job. i think that they are well trained. i think that they got together
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and they actually had a comprehensive security plan that worked. >> so, the reason that i am asking, is i am trying to figure out if they continued to work in this manner, and have better security and better security measures, how that could not, that would probably extend to 6:00 as well. they would probably be doing better until 6:00. if they are doing better until 4:00 >> you would be speculating just like i am given the facts that by reducing it to 4:00 a.m. that they reduce the calls to service in half. there were some issues, which were addressed and we are speaking on behalf of the public who feels that the quality of life is important and that they don't want to go back to an incidence that they had before with the loud music in the parking lot and again, we are speculating too. but the facts are that by reducing to 4:00, they cut the calls in service in half.
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>> i guess that i am not sure that i am convinced that it is just the cut in service between 4:00 and 6:00 that did it or if it was the security, and better management skills. >> i think that it is all part of it. the station did their due diligence and their community out reach and speaking on behalf of the community. to this point, he was at all of the meetings and he was very receptive according to the captain of any concerns. >> and then when we notified of anything that happened at jack in the box are we notified? >> we have seen all of that? >> just... >> a lot of times when you get calls for service, there is not a police report generated. it could be abaited at the scene, but there is memorialized in the cad report which is available to you.
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>> go ahead. >> let me clarify two issues, the windows was broken at the jack in the box, it happened before 2:00 a.m.. it happened before 2:00 a.m.. we have a bar we don't sell alcohol, maybe at that time, people were drunk heading home from the bar that is what the public call the police, but nobody drinks at jack in the box and we do not sell booze at jack in the box. >> the comment that i would make, it is the same comment that i made a year ago, we are not an alcoholic establishment and the fact that they are there and they decide to have whatever, we do the best that we can to control it and we will continue to do so. between 4:00 and 6:00. >> okay. >> so this remind me again it has been a year since we had this. >> yes, sir. >> very good. >> just one quick thing, we do send early in the morning at
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4:00 a.m. to send someone to clean they go a block east and wet, three sites of jack in the box and clean the litter. >> i have a quick question, if the window that was broken at your own premise don't you have the security that has a incident report? >> yes, we do. >> so you should know if it was from where or who. >> it was just a customer happened to have... >> and they took care of that e >> yes, but it happened before 2:00 a.m.. >> i understand that i want to make sure that security is doing their job. >> they are. >> okay. >> okay, anybody else from the public that wishes to address this issue? >> okay, the matter is with the commission. >> yes? >> all right. >> i live a block away and i was here with a group on the hearings before.
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for the first few months, things were fairly quiet, but i attribute that to the fact that they were closed for two or three months and people thought that they were not opened at tho hours. but i noticed that disturbances have increased in the last say six months or so. the trash left on the porch from jack in the box. i noticed too, this is a small establishment and they get so many people after, you know, after the bars close at 2:00 that the place will get so full that the security will actually, they don't want to be in there and they are standing in there like this, and they have to actually vacate the place and just two of them just stand out there joking with each other while business was being conducted inside. i don't know. >> i am down in the hole after hours. >> but any way. >> okay. thank you. >> now, that is... we have got it.
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>> okay. so yes, sir? >> come on. >> >> my name is stewart williams and i am a resident of the richmond district and also a member of the police advisor and i am with the district attorney community court. i like what the commission did in restricting the hours of operation, i think that it has been beneficial for the neighborhood in general. we have heard through the community court some of the issues that filtered down to us where citations were issued. i have done a number of ride alongs with the police department, before and after the hours were changed and interviewed the captain at the station and interviewed the permit officer at the station. and the consensus is that it is working now, just leave it alone. there has not been a number of complaints and the officers that i have ridden with until 6:00 in the morning are very
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happy with what they have seen. i do support the other gentleman's notions that when the bars let out, they do end up with a high number of people in the restaurant, around the restaurant some of the people are intoxicated and some of the people aren't. >> but generally speaking it has worked and it has been a good idea. and the police advisory board did work with san francisco safe. to set up some guidelines. and just some of the richmond, i would ask that you leave well enough alone and leave it the way that it is. >> thank you. >> okay anybody else? >> hi, michael nalty here. i spoke last year on this topic and you know i was very concerned about how, and you know, eric's mar's office was involved in trying to negotiate
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the conditions. and the community needed to be heard on these kinds of issues, that the issues of safety and potential problems. and of course, there was some shootings or somebody got... i think that it was stabbed nearby and any ways there was serious problems that occurred. previously. and obviously, by, changing the formula, you start creating new possibility problems. if this is working, you have got to leave it the way that it is. if you start adding more to the mix, it is going to probably get worse again. and i have lived in the richmond, for a number of years, i have lived only a couple of blocks away and i understand the dynamics of the richmond. it has not changed a lot since i moved out. and i'm still have friends there and i still go there regularly. and you know, i appreciate jack in the box. you know, i put in a plug in
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earlier about having a subway. but any way, the problem here is you got to have a business that is safe to go to. and the residents have to feel safe to walk by. and there is large crowds, or large problem areas and they can't walk around it. they can't go through the sidewalk because they have to walk around the problem. it becomes a nuisance, and we don't need nuisance businesses operating in san francisco. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> anybody else? >> okay. and matter is with the commission. >> commissioners? >> so, to the fact that there is a security going outside, could you guys sit down? >> now you can't come back up here. just sit down, thank you. >> to the issue of a security guard outside? my business is i would put the
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security guard outside. maybe one inside and one outside. but certainly outside. i mean, so i don't see a problem with that. >> i want to speak to what commissioner hyde said. i tend to agree with you. i don't think that if you put the conditions on these guys, and they acted more responsibly, i think that we cannot assume a nuisance that does not exist. it is like assuming someone does a crime before they do a crime. so, i think that, i tend to agree with you, these guys took this seriously, and improved their business, and improved the neighborhood, they clean up, they have gone to a lot of expense to do this. and i think that we have to give them a shot at the extra part of it. i mean, we could certainly have
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the inspector go and monitor it and make sure that it is working and we could at least call them back in and revisit the matter. but, i listen to your points, commissioner hyde and i think that they were well taken. that is my two cents. >> okay, any other commissioners have comments? >> to me, the security part of it, if there is a certain capacity in having a security outside, should be, you know, limiting the amount of people that go in. you know, so you have two security, one inside, to protect the business and the other one to protect the outside. and if there is a certain amount of capacity it should not be cramming everybody in because there will be another fight on the inside. s so i would just say that if there is some improvements there, if we are going to do this. that you know, they still have their security, but, maybe some procedural changes. >> well, i think, too, look at it that when you people are
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inside. i mean these people are just ordering food and i don't believe that i have heard of any problems right in the lobby of the place. so, it just goes to benefit the neighborhood by having people inside instead of standing around outside. >> especially at that time of night. so that would be my comment on that. >> all right. and i just wanted to say that between 4 and 6:00, i don't think is going to be a super heavy traffic time. like you are seeing between 2 and 4, when the bars close. and i think that you know, honestly, i remember going to the meetings in the richmond and i remember hearing about this and i think that they really have shown that they take this very seriously, i am not negating the fears, coming from the neighborhood concerns, but i just, i think that we do have the ability to reign them
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in immediately if something does not go, and i think that we should give them the benefit of the doubt because they have worked really hard to improve. >> i just want to say, too, to your point, the meetings in the richmond and the testimony by the neighbors here in the hearing room, said that they wanted them closed between 2:00 and 4:00 if i remember correctly. wanted them to be open between 4:00 and 6:00 because they felt between 2:00 and 4:00 was the most egregious and they fixed up and cleaned up between 2:00 and 4:00 so this is what the neighbors originally agreed to which was between 4:00 and 6:00. >> am i remembering that incorrectly? >> that is correct. >> okay. >> so, do we have a motion? >> i would like to move to approve this permit. >> i have a second? >> are they going to carry the security to 4 to 6:00 as well?
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>> with the same conditions? >> yeah. well, if yeah. >> i second if they do... >> call the roll. >> so the motion is that operations permitted between 2:00 and... >> all of the conditions now would be applicable between 4:00 and 6:00. >> and to the security, the whole mess. >> yeah. >> the neighborhood. >> the whole mess for the record. >> thank you. >> for the record. >> commissioner akers. >> aye. >> commissioner perez. >> aye. >> hyde. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. newlin >> aye. >> lee. >> aye >> good luck and do as effective a job from 4:00 to 6:00 as you have been doing from 2:00 to 4:00 >> thank you. item six m, kyung kim dba town
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music studio, 1660 geary. >> due to a death in the family they ask to continue to a later date. >> do we have comments? >> no. >> do we have a motion to continue. >> motion. >> commissioners comments and questions? >> excuse me, squeaking there. do you remember when we granted the after hours for nan and kurry? >> driving by it the other day i see the sign saying open 24 hours. i was wondering if somebody could make a phone call and you know, because we kind of made the order not to let people know that they think that they are open 24 hours, and you know, confuse the public. >> i have requested that they come back in. >> really? >> have you seen more? >> okay any otherses?
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>> good >> any public comment on the commissionary comments and questions. >> seeing none, item 8. new business requests for future agenda items >> we set a date for the summit. >> okay. >> dually noted. >> we do have a photographer here to take our class photo. >> we do? >> we do. >> he is here. so if you guys can stay. >> i did not bring my hair dresser >> okay. >> so if you guys are willing to stay for just a little bit longer. he will be willing to take our pictures right now. >> is that why you looked so good with your haircut. >> listen, i notice this stuff. >> so that will conclude the january 15th meeting of the entertainment commission, thank you one and all for your
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attendance and input. >> do not run away. >> i am not going anywhere.dire?
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>> present. >> mr. chairman, directors you do have a quorum. thank you. working with all of these microphones to

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